Care & Maintenance


Clean your basin with cool soapy water and a microfibre (or soft) cloth or sponge. Any spills or stains should be cleaned up straight away to avoid potentially permanent stains.

Avoid using abrasive scourers or strong chemical cleaners. Do not use bleach. Do not use Jif.


All basins come with a layer of wax pre-applied so you can use the basin out of the box. Also included is extra wax to be applied every 2-4 months as necessary. You may notice the wax coating wear away over time and it is best to apply a new layer before it has completely worn. You can buy more wax from us when needed.

Apply a thin layer of wax with a soft, damp cloth in circular motions. Remove excess quickly before it dries with a soft cloth. A second layer can be applied if desired. Use a soft and dry cloth (or similar) to buff the wax to the level of shine that you desire. Leave to fully dry for at least 1 hour before running water over the basin.


Concrete is extremely hard-wearing but is still susceptible to chips, scratches and stains. Our sealant system provides highly effective protection while maintaining the typical look and feel of concrete.

For the best long term results, we suggest that you:

  • Use the wax provided.
  • Clean up spills straight away.
  • Avoid leaving the basin full of water for extended periods.
  • Avoid impact from heavy objects.

Do’s and Do Not’s

Do: Clean up spills immediately. Substances like wine, coffee, bleach, curry paste, chemicals, makeup and toothpaste have been tested on the sealer with great results, provided you clean these spills immediately.

Do: Clean surfaces using a sponge or soft cloth as the issues are encountered. Using soft soap with cool water is recommended.

Do: Avoid the possibility of scratching the surface. It is important to wash your surfaces with a soft microfibre cloth and soapy water. Avoid rough fabrics or scourers.

Do Not: Use generic cleaning products such as bleach, glass cleaners or degreasers.

Do Not: Use vinegar, ammonia, lemon or orange as cleaners. Avoid any corrosive/acidic agents such as acidic products, strong detergents, corrosive liquids or scouring powders.

Do Not: Use bathroom, tub and tile or grout cleaners, or scourers and rough cleaning pads, rags or sponges.

Do Not: Sit or stand on your concrete surfaces. Excessive force applied to the concrete products will weaken or even break the product. They are not designed for such use.

Concrete is hard-wearing but not flexible, and therefore excessive weight in any one area could result in cracking.

Do Not: Apply excessive heat directly to the concrete. Natural, man-made heat or sun may cause fading and alter the shine of the surface over time.

Do Not: Drag, brush or scratch at the surface. Once the sealer is damaged, moisture may seep beneath and create further damage.